Solar Interaction Wall Lamp – 102 LED


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-Large Application: ip65 waterproof outdoor solar lights, suitable for gardens, swimming pools, fences, yards, walkways, stairs, exterior walls, etc., heat, weather, no need to worry external damage.
– Automatically turn on: The PIR motion sensor can scan the heat source which continuously moves within the detection range. When someone appears in the area, the light will automatically turn on.
-Solar light: solar light needs 6 hours of sunlight charging during the day and 10 hours of normal operation at night. No wires are needed, giving you an economical, low carbon and environmentally friendly life
-Fast charging: the charging of solar panels depends on the duration of the light and weather conditions.
-The stronger the sun, the shorter the charging time. In cloudy or rainy weather, battery efficiency is reduced, which reduces lighting times.
premium material: high-quality lamp beads, four sides can be lighted, a wide range of lighting, giving you excellent lighting.
– Induction alarm function (only lights, no sound): the light will be
Automatically turn on when someone enters the induction range at night

Light mode button:
-OFF off mode, the indicator light is red;
-First gear: some people coming, light up brightly for 15-30 seconds, when no one light up;
-Second gear: some people who come, shine for 15-30 seconds, and when there is no one, the light is always bright and weak;
-Third gear: it doesn’t matter if no one is there, and the low light is always on.