Samsung S4 Battery – RazTech


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The Raz Tech replacement battery is perfect for keeping your Samsung Galaxy S4 charged all day long. This battery was specially designed for your phone with standard voltage, capacity, compatibility, and safety to deliver reliable and optimal performance.


  • Designed for Samsung Galaxy S4 with 100% compatibility
  • Keep your phone charged all day long with a new battery from Raz Tech
  • Made to be an extremely high-capacity battery holding reliable, long-lasting charge
  • 500+ cycle times enables you to charge your battery more times without a loss in charge capacity
  • Li-ion 3.8V; 2600mAh; 9.88Wh; Model EB485760LU

The Raz Tech battery is designed as an extremely high-capacity battery holding a long-lasting charge. T

Main features: 
– Li-ion 3.8V
– 2600mAh
– 9.88Wh
– Original Type: EB485760LU
– PRO Range

Additional benefits:
– It protects your phone with built-in overcharge protection
– Lithium-ion batteries also have a lower self-discharge rate