Magnetic Levitation Lamp


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– To get started:

Connect the round plug of the provided USB cable into the power jack at the product top.

Then , plug the other end of the cable into computer, or any other USB matching transformer, for 6 hours.

– LED light switch mode :

Lift the suspended ball below and open the LED lamp.

It will also suspend or move down the ball below and turn off the LED lamp.

– Charging :

When the light of the lamp is dark. It indicates the product is running out of battery . Charge the product as introduced in the first instruction.

– Power matching transformer requirement :

Apart from connecting to computer USB connector, other USB matching trans for mercan also be used with the following restricted power parameter.

Input : AC110V-220V

Output : DC 5V 500mA When using USB compatible charger, be aware of the contact polarity .

The port of this device is positive inside and negative outside