Folding 3D Magnifier Video Amplifier – Mobile phone Enlarged screen – White


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Using high-definition zoom optical technology, the cell phone magnifier is made of log compression material and fresnel thread lenses that block harmful light sources and provide radiation protection.

Particularly when you watch 3D mobile movies, the stereo effect will be greater. In bright places, the light, etc. will be reflected and difficult to see, so please use it in dark places.

Both iPhone and Android smartphones are compatible with the phone screen magnifier, thus removing the need for battery terry as well. It may not suit the iPad or Kindle.

NO BATTERY REQUIRED: No need to think about charging the screen amplifier.

Suitable for a range of occasions; Simple to mount in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, etc.; Perfect for the fatigue of the eyes and myopia eyes, the fatigue of the shoulder neck.

What’s in the box
1x Smartphone Screen Magnifier