FLY – Car Universal Cell Phone Holder


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  • Flexible gooseneck pedestal installs directly to vehicle windshield without tools
  • Padded and cushioned side grip arm holds securely
  • Flexible width for side grip from 40mm to 110mm, adjust to hold any size of phones/ PDA/ MP4 or MP3
  • Easily adjusts to you desired viewing angle for optimal viewing
  • 5000 times for the motion of side grip
  • Easily mount directly to the interior of vehicles windshield. Incredible strong suction cup

Installation guide

Method (A)

  • First about to A green color part insert lead plane
  • A second about B plate the base down a windshield
  • To push C the switch instruct in fixed
  • Moves the D palace go-between, may adjust the angle and the direction willfully

Method (B)

  • Will link up first in insertion fitting A
  • Again presses in the direction main body catching groove which like the B arrow leaves
  • Again buckles into it the automobile air conditioning retainer